MCR fans know EMO sucks

16. ledna 2008 v 19:22 | Kate |  Others
Everyone is tired of that label. It's become one of the most annoying society 'labels' in music history.
I don't think the reason the fans are tired of the word 'EMO' has anything to with My Chemical Romance and their albums. The fans that love MCR's music and message don't care about the 'EMO' tag because they know their not. For some dedicated fans this band isn't just a band, it's become a way of life.
I think everyone else outside of it, doesn't understand so they automatically attack and judge the band and the fans as 'EMO'.
Fair enough if you don't like the band then that's your opinion but don't judge those that do because you don't know them. What right do you have to judge them?
When real 'Rock/Alternative Music' is minority that gets scrutinized and attack by the media and the public perception because it's different, Shouldn't we as music fans work together despite what genres we're into, instead of attacking each other because of it.
At then of the day it's Music not labels.
Překlad najdete tadyk.
Já sem teda stejnýho názoru. EMO sucks!!!!

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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